Eliminate the headache of endless email follow-ups, calls, and paperwork in your business processes & reclaim your productivity


Configure even the most complex, conditional, and multi-step workflows with mainflow’s 40+ ready-to-use steps and a simple drag and drop process builder functionality. Adapt as your process matures. You don’t need any programming or technical knowledge or complex training


Enable Info Updates

Implement feedback & review loops and let users update their information entries and re-submit for approvals

Keep Track of Tasks

Detailed reports show how long each task is taking and surface bottlenecks BEFORE they become a problem

Pagination out of the box

Roll out automated processes for everyone (users and non-users) — workflow participants don’t need to have user accounts

Responsive Forms

There’s always a bigger fish. And a smaller one. And an Android one. Fully responsive forms adapt to any device or resolution

Conditional Logic

Over-engineered forms are a thing of the past. With conditional logic, you can display or hide fields, sections, pages and more

30+ Form Fields

The Form Designer is truly mission control for your forms. With 30+ powerful fields, building fit for pourpose custom forms is a breeze

Save and Continue

Boost retention and form completion by giving users the ability to save their form entries and continue at any point


Create new forms in a flash or back up your files using our simple import and export functions

Merge Tags

Use Merge Tags to dynamically populate submitted field values and other dynamic information into emails, post content templates, and more

Build beautiful and high converting Opt-in forms or data capture forms for your workflows. Choose from 30+ powerful form fields

With the Form Designer, your imagination is the only limit to the engaging forms you can create. Whether you need to create an intuitive and stylish Opt-In form for your landing page or you need a conversational and interactive data capture form for your customers, everything is possible with the Mainflow Form Designer

Arrange your forms using columns, pages, breaks, headlines and much more for maximum effect

Use all the customization options right at your fingertips to create exactly the form layout you need for your audience. Easily adjust number of columns, add fields, arrange everything using columns, pages and sections. Easily adjust colors, typography, borders, fonts and font size and much, much more

There can be a lot of customer or user data to get lost in. The Form Designer helps you collect, manage and out your critical business data to use

Use all the possibilities of the powerful settings in the Form Designer to make the most of the data you collect. Be it adding leads to lists automatically in the Email Marketing module, sending an intriguing follow up email, utilizing conditional logic or calculations for specific purposes – everything is readily available

Get an easy overview of all the entries across your various forms in the Form Entries section

Whether you have deployed one or a hundred froms across your Mainflow powered site, inside the Form Entries you can easily get an overview of the entries. Whether it’s entries on your opt-in lead generation form or it’s entries from a data capture form serving as the foundation of your Customer Portal and automated workflows.

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