Smart Segmentation Is Essential To Any Campaign

A well-segmented email list is instrumental to delivering unique and personalized messages. With MAINFLOW’s wide array of segmentation features, reach out to your audience with the personalization they deserve!

manage and maintain your contacts

Actively Use Segmentation

Add your contacts manually or import them using a CSV file. Start segmenting your email list by adding various tags to each of your customers, so you can target your messages to them for maximum effect.

segmentation is key to results

Segment For Success!

Segmentation Helps You Discover The Right People, So You Can Start Making Meaningful Conversations!

  • You send the right message to the right people
  • Everyone knows what to do with your emails
  • People click your email and you make more revenue!

When you synchronize and import contacts to FluentCRM, you get to segment your email list based on product purchases, user roles, memberships, and many more!

Actively manage tags and lists

Tags And Lists At The Core

Categorize larger audiences with Lists and sort them into smaller groups by user behavior with Tags.

When you do that, you don’t just get to send the right message to the right people, but also allow users to manage email subscriptions better!

use behavour in your campaigns

Behavioral Segmentation

Did the contact submit a form? Became a member? Or did they purchase a product?

Automatically add them to a List or apply appropriate Tags to their profile. With behavioral segmentation, it’s much easier to send perfectly personalized emails!

advanced filtering

Filtering For Your Needs

Want to use data from your contact profiles, campaigns, integrated plugins, etc., to segment and personalize emails?

Advanced filtering can help. Create if/or conditions and weed out any contact with ease!

dynamic segmentation

Automatic Segmentation

Finding contacts based on specific criteria is great. Make it interactive with dynamic segmentation!

Our dynamic segmentation will help easily connect to people you want, without having to find them manually!

filter to find right contacts

Precision Targeting

Not sure how to find the right people for a specific campaign? Easily do that with our advanced targeting system!

Include or exclude lists and tags, choose dynamic segments or simply filter out contacts by custom queries. Orchestrating targeted email campaigns has never been so easy!

use activity analysis to success

Campaign Activity Monitoring

On other platforms, you’re left with only data after an email campaign. With APPSUITE, you get to make data work!

Easily identify engaged and unengaged contacts with post-campaign actions and follow-up like a pro!

use automations for segmentation

User Journey Segmentation

User behavior can change at any moment and at any point in their lifecycle.

With APPSUITE’s email marketing automation, there’s always a way to achieve behavioral segmentation. Easily segment contacts as you shape their journey!

Ready to Start?

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