Contacts in email marketing

Contacts Dashboard

The Contacts Dashboard is the central hub for managing all your contacts. From here, you can view, search, filter, and manage all your contacts in one place.

The Contacts Dashboard provides a quick overview of your contact list, including the total number of contacts, the number of subscribed and unsubscribed contacts, and the number of contacts with invalid email addresses.

You can also use the search and filter options to find specific contacts based on their name, email address, tags, or custom fields.

The Contacts Dashboard also allows you to perform bulk actions on your contacts, such as adding or removing tags, subscribing or unsubscribing contacts, or deleting contacts.

You can also view detailed information about each contact, including their name, email address, tags, custom fields, and activity history.

The Contacts Dashboard is an essential tool for managing your contacts and keeping your email marketing campaigns organized and effective.